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Hi ThERE, I’m Sheryl

10 years ago, I lost my job in corporate IT during the Global Financial Crisis.

It was the push I needed to leave safety behind and pursue my dream of baking cupcakes for a living.

So I baked and baked until I hatched that dream: Cupcake Central.

5 stores later, 80+ staff, 2 published cookbooks and 2 million+ cupcakes sold - I decided it was time to answer my true calling.


My superpower is the ability to connect people. For the last 8 years, I’ve been working on my passion project League of Extraordinary Women on the side with my co-founders.

In April 2019, I exited my first business and left it in good hands so that I could do more of what I love.

So here I am.

I’ve hatched something new over at The League - Meet Your Maven.

I’m a mentor.

I’m a speaker.

I’m a connector.

And I want to help others turn their dreams into reality - just like I have.

Keep on scrolling to learn more.

How can I help?

These are the things I’m good at and what I love to do.

// Mentoring
I believe in paying it forward because I was once in the position where I needed guidance and support. So now I set aside time to mentor young girls, students and other entrepreneurs. My unique entrepreneurial journey allows me to have insight into what problems mentees might be facing and how to overcome them.

// Public Speaking
I once was shy and my voice was shaky but when I realised that sharing my story could spark inspiration in others to hatch their dreams and do what they’ve always wanted to do - I made it my mission to learn how to share from the heart.

// Writing
I’ve always had a knack for writing as I feel most myself when the words are flowing on paper or my fingers are tapping at the keys. I’d love to write more useful articles and blog posts in 2019. To see a collection of my posts, tap here.


Speaking gigs, workshops and events

Image:  Strathcona  Baptist Girls Grammar

Image: Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar

Techformation  - Women In Tech Conference

Techformation - Women In Tech Conference

  • The Body Shop at Home Conference 2019 @ Gold Coast Convention Centre
    Workshop title: “Finding The Balance”
    Keynote Speaker

  • International Women’s Day Event 2019 - League of Extraordinary Women
    Host and Moderator

  • Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar - Parent Information Night 2019
    Guest Speaker

  • Project Gen Z x Deakin University 2018 & 2019
    Dare to Dream Workshop Facilitator

  • RMIT Activator for Entrepreneurs 2018
    Guest Speaker

  • YouthSpeak AIESEC Conference 2017
    Keynote Speaker

  • GPT Group Retailer Forum for Melbourne Central 2017
    Guest Speaker

  • Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs Panel 2017 - Square x American Express
    Panel Speaker

  • F*ckUp Night 2017
    Guest Speaker

  • Telstra Brilliant Connected Women 2017
    Topic: Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Reimagine Your Future
    Keynote Speaker

The fancy titles.


CEO & Co-Founder
League of Extraordinary Women     
Est. 2011

Founder & Director
Cupcake Central
Sep 2009 to April 2019

Board Member - Membership Chair
Entrepreneur’s Organization
2018 to current

Board Member
Project Gen Z
2014 to current

EO Accelerator Coach
Entrepreneur’s Organization Accelerator Program  
Jul 2018 to Jul 2019

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Topics I’m an expert in and am passionate about


Startup life

Scaling businesses

Marketing & Social Media

Female entrepreneurs

Diversity & Inclusion



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Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
— Maya Angelou
You get in life what you have the courage to ask for
— Oprah Winfrey
You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
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Join me at  Run The World Conference  Aug 31

Join me at Run The World Conference Aug 31


Hope we get to cross paths soon.

Until then, stay peachy!


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